Sour and Wild Ales


Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones

In the summer of 2012 Yazoo began a series of sour and wild beers with local brewer/writer Brandon Jones called the Embrace The Funk series. Titled with Brandon’s popular sour beer website, this line of Yazoo beers explores the many wonderful beers that can be produced with wild yeasts, souring microbes and different wooden casks.

In December 2012 our Brewmaster Linus and “Wrangler of Funk” Brandon released the first beer in the series named “Wild Child”. Since then the “Embrace The Funk” series has been a staple in the Yazoo Taproom with special rotating offerings. Our ETF beers have been served at SAVOR in New York, “What The Funk” in Denver and on January 26th, 2014 the first bottles of ETF “Deux Rouges” were released (and sold out in 2 hours). Linus and Brandon are constantly creating new beers and different barrel variations for the Embrace The Funk series. The beers are mostly taproom exclusives so your best bet to enjoy their creations is to stop by soon!


Drawing inspiration from the French “Biere de Garde” style, this copper-colored wild ale is brewed with the twist of using new-world Citra & Galaxy hops. Wild Brettanomyces yeast and souring bacteria compliment the juicy hops, creating a tart peach and lemon citrus character.

5.3% abv;        Draft only, in 1/6 bbl kegs;


Barrel-Aged Brett Saison 2014 (12oz)

This variation of our Brett Saison has been aging since winter in Sauvignon Blanc barrels from Napa Valley. 
The extended aging in these heavy toasted barrels added a nice layer of tartness (due to the natural acidity of the wine) along with characters of Pear, Grapeskin, Honeydew Melon and nuances of Granny Smith apples. If you’ve had a nice Sauv Blanc wine, you’ll find these familiar characters.
Expect a prominent oak presence with the heavy toast of the barrels. Even though it is ready to enjoy now, this beer will age and evolve in the bottle. 

This is labeled as Batch “ONE”

Lange Sommer – 2014

An American Wild Ale inspired by Berliner Weiss. Our spin uses only Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus make up this ultra funky and fruity 3.5% tart ale

3.5% ABV



Brett Saison – 2014

Our spring seasonal Embrace The Funk offering. This Saison is brewed with healthy dose of rye malt and ages 6 months with 4 unique strains of Brettanomyces which impart Rustic, pepper and tropical characteristics.

5.8% ABV

“Spilled Vines”

Spilled Vines is a violet colored wild ale over a year in the making. The beer is a blend of 3 different beers aged in wine barrels:
*40%* All Brettanomyces fermented wheat based ale aged in a Cynthiana red wine barrel with Blackberries.
*35%* Brettanomyces and house souring culture fermented wheat based ale aged in a Cynthiana red wine barrel with Merlot Grapes.
*25%* Brettanomyces fermented Amber ale with Belgian Candi Sugar aged in a Port barrel.
15 IBUs
6.1% ABV
Yazoo Taproom Exclusive


Deux Rouges Original -Burgandy Wax-  600 Bottles- Batch Labeled 1

Deux Rouges Cherry – Copper Wax- 200 Bottles
Deux Rouges Grand Cru – Gold Wax – 200 Bottles

Sour Session 1 – Taproom Exclusive- 24 Bottles – Taproom and What The Funk Exclusive
2013 – Brett Saison – Pink Pearl Waxed – 24 Bottles – Batch Labeled “2013”
Saison Colada -Fuchsia Wax- 165 Bottles- Batch Labeled “1”
2014 Un-Oaked Brett Saison – Yazoo Capped-  185 Bottles  – Batch Labeled “SS1”
2014 Brett Saison Sauvignon Blanc Barrel Aged -Yazoo Capped-  1,400 12oz Bottles  – Batch Labeled “ONE”
Indomitus Dolium – Batch 12/13/14 – 2,000 bottles. Blend of 4 Casks
Indomitus Dolium – Batch 12/15/14 – 1,100 bottles. Blend of 2 Casks
Deux Rouges – Batch “TWO” – 1,900 bottles. Burgandy Wax
Funky Blue Persuasion – Batch “ONE” – 230 bottles. Blue Wax
Delicieux – Batch “ONE” – 6,200 bottles.  
Cherry Deux Rouges “BATCH TWO” Copper Wax 1,023 bottles
Grand Cru Deux Rouges “2” Gold Wax 192 Bottles
Cassis Deux Rouges “1” Purple Wax 179 Bottles