Greetings, Citizens!
This page is where you will find information about your State of Funk Exclusive beer releases and other things related to your Citizenship. We will update this page as needed this year.
Your 2016 State of Funk Citizenship includes the following:
* 8 Exclusive Single Barrel Beers
* 1 Reserved Ticket to the 2017 Funk Fest on May 14th
* 1 Free Draft Beer Each Visit to the Yazoo Taproom
* Advance Notice and Discounted Purchasing Ability On Some Items
* Year End Wrap Up Party
Remember your individually numbered coin is required for all bottle pick ups and to redeem any of the above benefits. We do ask that your bottle is picked up within 3 weeks of release or the bottle maybe subject to forfeit.
All State of Funk Bottles will have the same label you see below. On the side of the label there is an area for “Release Number”. You will be able to refer to this webpage or the pick up e-mails to find out the details of each release which will be listed as : “Release___ (name)”.
We are looking forward to a fantastic year of rare releases and fun. Thank you for your support! If you have any questions please contact us and we will do our best to help!

2017 Bottle Log:

2016 Thanks!

Release 1 (Hello) – 6.1% ABV – A sour blonde ale aged in Sauv Blanc barrels with 5 different Brettanomyces strains and 2 souring bacterias for 1 year. We then added to the barrel fresh whole Kumquats along with the zest and juice of fresh Satsuma oranges to age another month giving the beer a nice citric/sweet/tart character.
Release 2 (Awesome Citizens) – Single barrel Brett Rye Saison aged in a dark toasted Sauvignon Blanc barrel with wild native Nashville yeasts and souring bacterias for 14 months. Playing off the natural stone fruit character of the base beer it underwent a light fruiting secondary fermentation with Apricots for 2 months.
Release 3 (Much Appreciation) – A single barrel of Zure Bruine aged for 15 months in Merlot oak. It was transferred out of wine oak into a Buffalo Trace Weller Bourbon barrel where the beer underwent a secondary fermentation on Raspberries for 3 months.
Release 4 (Believing In Us) – Single Barrel non blended Deux Rouges Grand Cru aged 16 months in a Port barrel.
Since this Port barrel held a bit more beer than our regular barrels were able to produce more extra bottles. There will be 60 additional bottles available to purchase as an extra. These will be limited to 1 per person on a first come first serve basis during the pickup time window.
Release 5 (Our Funky Beer) – For this release we teamed up with our good friends at Bootleg Biology. They are a local Nashville yeast lab with world wide recognition in their efforts to isolate and catalog a native yeast from every zip code in the USA. For this project Jeff and Issac created a special blend of multiple Brettanomyces yeasts along with multiple sour/acid producing Lactobacillus/Pediococcus bacterias from their extensive microbe library.
We wanted this complex blend of funky/sour microbes to really shine so we fermented a Blonde ale in a Merlot French Oak barrel. The beer underwent a secondary fermentation with Vanilla Beans and 55lbs of Rainier Cherries added to the barrel. This type of cherry is unusual since they are yellow on the inside and mostly golden on the outside. Unlike most cherries these provide no color change in the beer, only flavor
We had a blast working with Bootleg Biology on this special beer for you!
Release 6 (Program)- A sour copper colored ale 100% fermented and aged in our prized “Barrel One” barrel for 22 months.
Release 7 (Is Better) – A Brettanomyces fermented Gose aged in a Tequila barrel with Pineapples and Guava.
Release 8 (Because of You) – A Blonde ale fermented with 12 different Brettanomyces strains (aged in the barrel that held batch 1 Cassis Deux Rouges) with Buddha’s Hand fruit.