Line Dance Down Franklin Street

Here’s how it’s going to work, folks!!!

  1. We’re going to have up 1000 people register in the form below for FREE. (If there is more then 1000-great, you just won’t be getting a t-shirt) Registration includes “This is my Nashville drinking shirt” with the top honky-tonk songs listed on the back. Each song has a check mark box beside it. Your goal will be to get all boxes marked off!
  2. The day of the crawl we will pick a location for early registration pickup. Those that don’t pick up their shirt will have a chance to do it later on that evening at a designated location. However, we absolutely encourage early pickup.
  3. The night of the crawl each account will already be given a few songs. Whether they have a band, the song on their jukebox, or maybe they’ll what you to karaoke is completely up to them! The point of these assigned songs is to get you, the amazing patron, into each location!
  4. Once you hear a listed song, you can either have a stranger check it off the back of your shirt or an account may have assigned folks check them off instead. Bring a sharpie the night of just in case!!
  5. As you’ve probably figured out, the goal is to get all songs checked off of your shirt. Once you do, you will have access to the official Yazoo after party. Location is still TBD. At the party we will have a drawing for some pretty awesome prizes. We’ll have a few paid trips to Nashville plus free brewery tour and tab on us. Gift cards to multiple Nashville hot chicken locations. We have Yazoo branded 26-quart coolers! Plus, soooo much more!
  • The winner for the Best Hot Chicken Dish will be announced at this time as well! So make sure and pay attention to the accounts offering Hot Chicken on the night of the event! Your vote could make the difference!
  1. The night of the crawl, look for the Yazoo Crew running up and down the streets! We’ll be giving out cheesy honky-tonk gear and other fun things as well!
  2. Oh! Don’t forget…EACH AND EVERY YAZOO DRANK FROM 6PM-11PM WE WILL BE GIVING $1 BACK TO FSEA so awesome events such as this one can continue to flood your beloved street!

Sound like your kind of thing? Enter below!